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Job openings

Frontend developer - India ( Remote )

## Requirements

- experience building web applications using JavaScript and working with templating systems
- at least some experience with a different language
- basic familiarity with jQuery
- deep understanding of CSS, including flexbox, grid and making responsive designs
- experience working with SCSS (or similar) and Tailwind CSS
- experience working on a remote team
- comfort using Linux, the command line and common tools like Git
- willingness to learn back-end development over time
- working-level English proficiency

## Nice to have

- pair programming experience
- experience with either Phoenix, Ruby on Rails or any Rails-inspired framework, such as Play, Gin or Laravel
- experience working with Figma
- experience refactoring code bases with considerable technical debt

Please share some of your with your application! This can be a link to your personal portfolio site, your CodePen profile and a few pens you’d like to highlight or wherever you have your work hosted.

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