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At Nettycoons, we understand the importance of various cloud-computing models and help organizations in adopting a particular deployment model, which makes most sense for the respective business. Currently we offer our expertise modeled around Amazon Web Services.

Here are few angles that a typical organization considers while thinking about Amazon cloud:

Cloud Models: IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)
PAAS (Platform as a Service)
SAAS (Software as a Service)

General Cloud areas:
Amazon Cloud platform offer solutions/options, which can help when it comes to:
- Evaluating cost associated with setting up data centers.
- How to take advantage of economy of scale offered by big cloud providers.
- Capacity Planning.
- Quick availability of IT resources to increase agility
- Take advantage of global presence of cloud providers

Cloud Management Ecosystem: Since Amazon’s first offering in 2006, there are tons of third party solutions, which offer solutions on top of or in conjunction with various Amazon Services in areas like resource management, billing and security which can be bundled in to cloud service management bucket.

Cloud Deployment Models:
There are three types of deployment models, which are in place today:
- Everything in Public cloud
- Hybrid (Some stuff in public cloud, some on premises)
- Everything On-Premises

Other factors that play in:
- Cultural adoption
- Staff training
- Accounting
- Cloud operational model

So although cloud computing solved various technical problems and promise simplified solutions, but when we combine all the angles listed above, it requires certain expertise to fit all the pieces correctly to get maximum efficiency.

This is where we come in to picture. Our Amazon certified solution architects work closely with our clients, carefully go through all of the above areas and offer best possible solution.

Contact us today to start your journey to explore Amazon cloud platform and we will help you in making the right decision.