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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is use of social media communities to generate publicity to increase awareness of event, service brand, product. Type of social media involve Bookmarking sites, social news, RSS feed as well as blogging sites, video sharing sites, Twitter and many more. SMO is like SEO, in this goal is as same as SEO like to generate web traffic and increase awareness for website. Generally SMO refers to the optimization of a website and its content to encourage more visitors to use and share the links to website across networking sites and social media.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

Getting traffic on website from different sources other than Search Engines: Social media optimization is a low cost marketing strategy to increase traffic on website from the additional sources.

Targeting the specific groups:Establishment of communities and sites targeted to the specific groups which allows you to pick areas of social marketing best suitable for website and to goals.

Word of Mouth Advertising: Social media marketing allows users to find information on social websites and easy to share with others. Viral spread of information among acquaintances and friends creates conversations about brand and has strength of personal recommendation.

Increase in Relevant Links: Links get acquired and generated through sharing,bookmarking and posting are organic and favorable by search engines. Social media sites are considered as a reputable source of information and links to often features which are prominent in search engine results.

Sharing of Information: Sharing of information generated by end user which makes social marketing effective. Information often shared through videos,photos,blog posts,articles and press releases.