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Cloud hosting services

NETTYCOONS provide cloud hosting service for websites on the virtual servers that pull computing resources from the extensive underlying the networks of web servers. This follows utility model of computing which is available as service rather than a hosting product. Clients can tap their services as much as they need and depending on demand of website, and clients pay only for the service which they use.

This exists as a solution to the hosting websites on the single servers and are considered as an extension of concept of the clustered hosting where the websites are hosting on the multiple servers. Using cloud hosting, network of servers used are vast and often pulled back from different data centres in the different locations.


Our Web Hosting Services

Adult Web Hosting

Adult web hosting needs special hosting servers because of its huge bandwidth and video uploading demands. .. ...

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Blog Hosting

Weblogs or better known as blogs these days are having regular updates in the form of content pages known as Posts

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CPanel Hosting

Cpanel is a control panel software used for managing Linux based hosting.

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CPanel Reseller Hosting

Cpanel and WHM reseller hosting providers buy hosting services from bigger company and sell them to their client at higher prices as a white label sellers means selling as their own brand.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting can be considered, as an extension service just like gas or electricity, instead of a product. Major difference between cloud and regular hosting is of redundancy of hosting servers in case cloud hosting.

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CMS Hosting

Content Management System better known as CMS, is system of managing single project which mainly is a web site through multiple users with different level of clients.

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